Adullam Project Discipleship Home


The Adullam Project men’s home is a 15-month Faith Based intensive discipleship home in Northern New Mexico. We have had men from throughout the country from all walks of life who have succumbed to drugs, destructive lifestyles by crime and poor choices. We currently have 11 men in our program, who are free from prescription medications, illegal drugs, who are making extreme changes in their lives and are currently on a path to becoming productive citizens of our local community.

The Need: Families from all walks of life are negatively affected by drugs. Prescription opioid addiction in New Mexico has carved through racial and economic barriers over the past few years. Adullam Project is a non-medical facility with a 28 year history of providing a home to men overcoming addictions and life struggles.

Our Vision: We exist to train, transform and rebuild men. We instill faith, and hope in Adullam men equipping them in becoming overcomers in any situation, train them to transform their process of thinking, to rebuild their lives through our home family Atmosphere(s).

Atmosphere of Love-Men who have given themselves to drugs and destructive forces have been loved by their families, and we continue to believe that unconditional love is the bedrock to transformed lives.

Atmosphere of ParticipationEvery man in Adullam Project has something to contribute. We stay productive and leave no room for idle time. In 15 months Adullam men will develop a wealth of life skills and trade skills to improve their lives.

Atmosphere of Inititaive- We are self-motivated, teach what we know to better the lives of others, participate in the development of others to further develop their personal skills, talents, and gifts through mentoring.

Atmosphere of Reconciliation -Adullam men have lost families, homes, businesses and are on track to being reconciled and reconnected to those closest to their hearts whom they have lost and have fractured relationships with.

Atmosphere of Grace – Adullam men believe the best about each other and make forgiveness our priority.

Atmosphere of Generosity – Adullam men make a commitment to contribute back to society, through service projects, volunteering in local communities. We serve in food distribution centers, local churches, and invest our  lives and skills to improve the lives of others around us.

Your in kind- donation (Monetary Donation) will be of great use for our work. Your contribution can be further used as a tax-deductible contribution for our sponsoring 501 c3 organization in Espanola, New Mexico